Chatting With Arkells Frontman Max Kerman

Sportsy Sports Sports For as long as their career has been trucking along, Arkells have […]

Sportsy Sports Sports

For as long as their career has been trucking along, Arkells have been synonymous with sports.

From performing at the Vanier Cup halftime show in their first year of existence, to being featured multiple times in EA Sports hockey video games, to having their own playlist to accompany the Toronto Maple Leafs’ Amazon special; these guys have the anthems, the licks, and the prowess to fit in well in the sports world.

They will be doing something special tomorrow night (October 13th) as part of the Leafs’ season opener on Sportsnet. But are the guys naturally into sports, is it just that their music fits, or do they seek out involvement in that world? Listen in…

Blink Once & The Pandemic

The band actually begun work on “Blink Once” before the pandemic began, and then took a break from it to record their acoustic record “Campfire Chords”, which saw them all record their individual parts separately, at home, and then get mixed together.

How was that different than their usual process, and how did the pandemic end up making “Blink Once” songs mean more? Would the themes of loss & heartache mean as much if it weren’t for Covid? Find out…

Podcasts & Sliding Into DMs

Turns out that Max Kerman is a huge fan of particular kinds of scripted podcasts & went down a rabbit-hole of conspiracy with one that details the CIA paying The Scorpions to record “Wind of Change” for nefarious purposes.

He also hosts a podcast with his good buddy Mike, but is it just for marketing or is it a legit pastime? And is Max just himself on podcasts or does he draw inspiration from other hosts? Plus, find out the weird things fans slide into the DMs to request!

Hear snippets of my chat with Max Kerman all this week on Rock 95 afternoons PLUS score yourself free passes to their February 17th show at Sadlon Arena!