Another Reason March Is Better Than Feb — Ozark Returns

Ozark season 3 on Netflix March 27th

There have been 2 previous seasons for the Jason Bateman lead series, who stars as Marty Burke, a man who is forced by the cartel to launder large amounts of money. It’s wildly interesting as the more you watch the more you learn about how laundering money actually works — not that you would do anything with that info — however I have just never be exposed to how that underground criminal activity works.

The show takes place in the Ozarks, a series of lakes in Missouri. Although it appears beautiful, the way the way the show is shot —with creepy lenses, weird decrepit buildings, and dangerous villains, the Ozarks come across as a bit of a hell hole. The more Bateman’s character tries to meet the needs of his employer, the deeper he gets, making an exit strategy seem impossible.

Looks like season 3 will finally get into the much talked about riverboat casino. If you don’t know what I am talking about — that means you aren’t fully caught up on Ozark. And you should be. You have time to pack 2 seasons in before the premiere of season 3 on March 27th.