And The Winner Is: Art And Housing Being Paired At Another Residential Complex In Barrie

Barrie artist gets rooftop perch for sculpture

September 14 – Pratt Homes has announced the winner of its competition to determine the artwork that will be prominent on a new condominium development on Essa Road in Barrie. The winning piece is the work of local artist Aylan Couchie. Her work, H.I.O Big Chiefs (see below), will sit 70 feet in the air on the roof of the new development and be visible from many parts of the the city. It will be installed on the ground at the site by late this year/early next year and will be lifted to the roof of the condo in 2017.

September 9 – This is the final week to vote on the artwork that will adorn Pratt Homes new development on Essa Road. Voting began July 31 and will close September 13. Listen below for details or visit Pratt Homes.

Aug 3 – Pratt Homes in Barrie is at it again, incorporating a work of art in a new residential development in town. Dan Blakeley got the inside track from Pratt’s Marketing Director Todd Palmer. Click here for more information.