Amazon Boxes Are Now Forts For Your Cats

And more cool structures

You know how when you order something from Amazon, you get a ridiculous amount of packaging?

Well now you can put that packaging to good use! Amazon’s new initiative in an effort to be more environmentally friendly is to make boxes that are designed to turn into forts for your kids, cat condos, play cars or mini-golf courses. They’ll also attempt to reduce packaging in general.

“When our packaging uses less material, weighs less, and is the right size to protect customer orders, we can pack more orders into each delivery, resulting in fewer trips, less fuel burned— all of which minimize our carbon footprint,” read Amazon’s statement.

“We are committed to sustainability because we care about planet earth. We remain steadfast in our focus on meeting The Climate Pledge—our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint and become net zero carbon by 2040.”

You’ll be able to get ideas and instructions on Amazon’s website.

This sounds like a great activity for quarantine. And maybe you’ll even like the packaging more than the thing inside of it. I certainly know I did the other day when I received a boxy, uncomfortable black t-shirt instead of the cute soft fitted tee I had expected!