Alligator Crosses Road In Montreal

Why did the alligator cross the road?

Imagine sitting having coffee on a Sunday afternoon when all of a sudden you spot an alligator crossing the road. That’s exactly what happened to Mayssam Samaha In Montreal. It went right across the street and under a parked car. She managed to capture it on video and it’s since gone viral with tens of thousands of views.

“A few minutes after we saw it, a guy came and picked it up and put it back in his minivan,” said Samaha, a food and travel writer who posted the video on Twitter.

“I was just worried about the alligator,” she said.

“If you want an alligator, it should not be out on the street in this cold weather.”

As people flocked outside to watch, the café’s owner called the police, she said.

“Apparently, it was a very funny phone call because they didn’t quite believe him. They thought he was on something,” Samaha said.

The alligator had all of the proper permits and was apparently part of an educational program. It has been safely returned to its owner.