Alcona Men Scare Off Possible Burglar

Police Praising Duo For Keeping An Eye On Their Neighbours

South Simcoe Police issuing a hearty thumbs up to a pair of Innisfil neighbours for trying to shut down a prowler. It was around 1:45 this morning when two men sitting on their porch in the Osbond Rd and Swan St. area of Alcona, when they said they spied a suspicious looking individual scoping out parked cars. The pair called out, scared the guy off, then called the cops. Police came out but were unable to find a suspect. “We ask people to lock their cars and remove their valuables,” said Police Constable Rich Williamson. “But keeping an eye on your neighbourhood is just as important in preventing these types of thefts. We can’t be everywhere, and it’s helpful when the public can be our eyes and ears.”