Alberta Ballet’s Tragically Hip Inspired “All Of Us” Makes It’s Debut

The Show Runs Until May 12th

The Alberta Ballet’s Tragically Hip-inspired show “All of Us” made it’s debut on stage in Calgary on Wednesday. The show takes 20 classic Hip songs, and uses them to tell the story of a post-apocalyptic earth where two clans are fighting over control of the world. One clan is the descendants of hope, tolerance and peace while the other clan comes from hate, greed and fear.

Alberta Ballet’s artistic director and choreographer, Jean Grand-Maitre, said that fans of the Hip probably “would never have imagined this” but that the resulting ballet represents Gord Downie’s strong belief in hope.

The Calgary performances of All of Us run until May 6th, then the show moves to Edmonton for a run from May 10th-12th.