Afternoon Delight Leads To Amnesia

Sky rockets in flight, afternoon amnesia?

The Irish Medical Journal recently published an article about a 66-year-old man who showed up at Emergency with Transient Global Amnesia (TGA). The amnesia came on about 10 minutes after he had finished a roll around with his wife one fine afternoon. The man ended up sitting at home for an hour with memory loss before heading to the hospital. The giveaway was when the patient took a look at his phone and thought he had missed his anniversary, which was the day before.

He retained memory for everything except for the day before and everything leading up to the afternoon delight. It also turns out that this is not the first guy to suffer from post-coital amnesia. Another patient had presented with TGA 10 minutes post hanky panky as well and with studies, the amnesia lasts about 24 hours.

Men 50-70 are more susceptible to TGA, so be careful out there gents.


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