According to Science…This is the Optimal Oreo Dunk Time

You'll sleep a bit better tonight knowing this

It’s wonderful to see science being used for the greater good. One doesn’t just EAT an Oreo. There’s so much to consider before biting into the delicious cream-filled cookie, including whether or not you dunk it in your glass of milk. That opens up the conversation to how long you should dunk the cookie for. It’s serious business.

The Utah State University Splash Lab has determined “How long do you need to dunk an Oreo to reach maximum milk absorption?” They found that Oreo’s have a saturation point. Oreo’s soak in 50 percent of the total amount of milk they are able to absorb in the first second of dunking. At second two the Oreo is at 80 percent capacity. During the third second of dunkage, the cookie surprisingly doesn’t absorb any milk. Finally, the Oreo reaches full milk capacity at four seconds exactly. This test was done with 2% milk. The higher the fat content in the milk, the longer it takes for the Oreo to absorb milk.

Also noteworthy: Oreo’s can withstand milk for five minutes before breaking down entirely. So if you eat your Oreo’s like cereal, you’ve got five minutes to finish the bowl.

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TL;DR Dunk your Oreo for four seconds to reach optimal milk absorption.