A Very Letterkenny Valentine

"Pracky, sando, pick her up. "

First, if you’ve never seen Letterkenny, stop reading this and go watch it now. Find a way.

Okay, great. Now that you’ve seen every episode of Canada’s Greatest Show Ever. Let’s move on.

From the get-go it was clear: the hockey bros have something special goin’ on. The quick, rifle-fire banter is something you can’t be taught. These boys were definitely born for their respective roles in the loveable duo known as Reilly and Jonesy.

Now, as you know (since you’ve seen every episode), the two bros are into the same girl, “Katie Kat”. So the two have put out this video describing their perfect Valentine’s Day evening with their shared flame.

Just as a super special side-note: I WANT TO BE ON THIS SHOW SO BAD. PLEASE @jaredkeeso I’LL DO ANYTHING!

By the way: “Chel” is bro-slang for “NHL” – most commonly referring to the video game.

Happy Valentine’s Day!