A Tattoo Gumball Machine

Would you get a random tattoo for $100?

A Dallas-based tattoo parlour has an interesting promotion running: pay $100, pull a stencil out of a gumball machine and whatever you pull, you get inked.

Caroline North from the Dallas Observer went to Elm Street Tattoo and reports that none of the designs are “mean” and if priced out normally, they would cost between $160 to $250. If you don’t like what you pull on the first time, you can purchase a second spin for $20. The parlour doesn’t force you to get either design inked, but there are no refunds if you don’t like what you pull.

As of Thursday, no one had yet been brave enough to pull a capsule from the machine to tattoo themselves. Elm Street Tattoo started the program on Wednesday with no signs of stopping it.

CC image courtesy of Orin Zebest via Flickr