A Rock Festival Has The Go-Ahead In Wisconsin In July

yeah you read that correctly

So every major festival has been cancelled, but not ALL festivals. It has been announced in that in Wisconsin, in July of THIS YEAR, they will have a “Herd Immunity” Rock Festival happening, according to Consequence of Sound.

July 18th to the 21st are the desired dates, and 15 bands have signed on so far. It’s not a jam packed festival in terms of bands, but it will be in terms of people, if it goes ahead. The festival will feature national touring acts, no huge names, but a few tribute bands (full line up here) , and those bands do have fans that will likely show up if this event goes forward.

This festival is in the STATES so we don’t have to face the same question that residents there are:

If your favourite band announced it was playing an event close to where you live — would you go?

If you answered no, would you look at that band any different for performing?