A “Fake Band” Just Wrapped Up a Tour to Almost Nobody?

The odd and weird tale of how a band actually faked their way onto a tour...

This is the most complicated story I’ve ever put together. The “Band” in question is a 1 man show, but on tour it’s a full band. This “Band” has apparently bought millions of views, likes, shares, and comments on YouTube videos, Facebook posts, and Instagram followers. Here’s an example of the music….


Here’s where things get interesting… a promoter for the band told a venue they sold 291 advanced tickets and this is what happened.. Feel free to click on this twitter thread and read through the comments. Some of the people are the other bands who are playing as support and openers.. Definitely an interesting read and I’d love to hear opinions

Here’s an excellent breakdown of the bands platform and how they conned themselves onto a fully fledged tour to literally NO fans