8 Best Kijiji Ads This Weekend

All from the Barrie area...

You may have missed past editions of “The Kijiji Report”, but don’t miss out on these items from the Barrie area Kijiji page this weekend.


Are you challenging Kijiji users to a fight or asking us to come get your dresser?


Not cleaned? NOT okay.

Moving Box

How am I supposed to grab the box if it’s moving?

TV stand unit

This ad reads like the first few minutes of an episode of a police procedural: “just come down to the dark basement to get my dresser.” Nope. Not going to do it.

Free Boat

It probably needs to be in the water.

Broken Hockey Sticks

Did those broken sticks come from a lot of small hockey fight or one big hockey fight?

Connor McDavid Signed Baseball

Why did you get Connor to sign a baseball?


SPOILER ALERT: the rest of the car is missing.