7-Year-Old Boy Makes ‘Rock Snake’ At Toronto Beach

Encourages others to add to the line of brightly-painted rocks

A popular pandemic activity has been rock painting. People have been painting pretty designs and inspirational messages on rocks and placing them throughout their communities to spread some hope during these tough times. I hopped on the rock painting-bandwagon and have been making my own designs.

This 7-year-old kid in Toronto started a ‘rock snake’ at a Toronto beach. He set up four rocks in a row to make a line, along with a sign that said read ‘I’m a rock snake here to make you smile. Paint a rock, add it to my body, help me grow a mile.’ He just started it last week and it has already grown to about 15m. He and his mother figure it’s around 272 rocks.

When new rocks get added to the ‘snake,’ he takes their photo and posts to his Instagram page:

What a great and simple way to add joy to people’s lives as we continue to navigate the pandemic.