5 Weird Guinness World Records from 2018

including most jenga blocks removed by whip and largest collection of teddy bears

The 2018 edition of the Guinness World Records book is out and as always, there are a few records in there you probably didn’t know existed.

Most Marmite, Mashed Potatoes, and Mustard Eaten

Andre Ortolf holds three world records in the 2018 edition of Guinness World Records, including most Marmite eaten in one minute (25 grams), most tubes of mustard drunk in 30 seconds, and most mashed potatoes eaten in one minute (893 grams).

Most Jenga Blocks Removed by Whip 

April Choi has the record for most Jenga Blocks removed by whip in one minute, which is 4.

Biggest Collection of Teddy Bears

63-year-old Jackie Miley from South Dakota has more than 8,026 teddy bears.

Most Slam Dunks by a Rabbit

Bini the Bunny currently holds the record for most slam dunks by a rabbit in one minute.

Tallest High Top Fade

Benny Harlem has the record for the tallest high top fade measuring 52.0 cm.