5 TIPS: To Throw An Adult Easter Egg Hunt

Cause We Wanna Have Fun Too! 

The kids get mountains of candies, treats and goodies during their Easter Egg Hunts, why can’t the adults get in on the fun?!

Throw a hunt that’s basically the same idea, but just more “adult friendly” for the bigger kids.

Up The Ante- It’s not kids you’re dealing with here, so bright coloured eggs laying in play view just won’t fly. Cover the eggs, camouflage them, put them high and low, just make the hiding spots harder and less obvious than you would for the kids.

Switch Out The Chocolate- Make your eggs more “adult friendly” with these ideas:

  • Mini booze bottles
  • Booze chocolates
  • Jewellery
  • Nail polish
  • LCBO gift card
  • Jello-shots
  • Lottery/Scratch tickets
  • Skimpy underwear

Team Up & Time It- Instead of a free-for-all, group up adults in teams and then put a time limit on the hunt. The team with the most eggs within 15 minutes wins.

Do It In The Dark- Either outside, weather permitting, or inside, (and I’m talking about the Egg Hunt)!  Put glow sticks in the eggs to make them glow.

Forget the Eggs- Hide decorated beer cans instead. I know A LOT of adults who would be much more enthusiastic about going on an ‘Easter BEER Hunt’.



(Images Courtesy of Pinterest)