5 Things you Should NEVER Buy your Wife/Girlfriend for Christmas

This list applies to anniversaries and birthdays as well

1) Cookware 


Pots, pans, utensils, slow-cookers, blenders…nope. Nobody will ever be excited to unwrap a crock pot.

2) As Seen on TV Products


(image via Howard Young Flickr)

Christmas can be a desperate time for gift-givers, especially with the 25th quickly approaching. No matter how desperate you become, the snuggie for dogs will never be a great gift idea. Saying, “I thought it was clever” won’t get you out of this one.

3) Stuff for Her Car


Seat covers and winter floor mats definitely won’t get the reaction you’re looking for on Christmas morning. This category doesn’t count if she owns a Jeep or a truck.

4) Gift Cards


(photo via bfishadow flickr)

I’ll be the first to admit that we women are a fickle bunch. When it comes to gifts, especially from our significant other, we want them to mean something. Gift cards tell us you put absolutely NO thought into what to get us for Christmas…those feelings are amplified if it’s for something practical like a gift card for a grocery store or gas station.

5) Cleaning Gadgets


There is something both men and women have in common: we both HATE cleaning. Even cooking can be a hobby, cleaning will never be anything other than that thing you are forced to do on a Sunday afternoon or before your in-laws show up for the holidays.