5 Things You Need to Know: July 20, 2016

Today's top stories

Another Heat Warning has been issued for our region

Barrie Centennial Beach 3 (Dan)
Avoid being outside for prolonged periods today. For heat exhaustion symptoms and treatment, click here.


Campfire Leads To Shed Fire At Orr Lake

Springwater Fire Truck

Here’s why you want to make sure your outdoor fire has been doused completely when you’re done. A fire at Orr Lake caused $8,000 in damage, but no one was hurt. Read more here.

More Government Cash For Some Families Starting Today

Family 1

(Photo by Kamaljith KV via Flickr)

Canada’s new Child Benefit program kicks in today, meaning for cash for some families. To find out how much and who qualifies, click here.

Paying The Rent Getting Tougher In Barrie


(Photo by KMR Photography via Flickr)

Can’t say we’re surprised! Barrie has jumped from 15th to 11th place on a list of most expensive one-bedroom rentals in Canada. Read more here.


Burned Toast? Back Away

burtn toast

Burnt toast may be as bad for your health as a charred steak. A study by the U.K. Food Standards Agency has found burnt toast has the same cancerous substances that show up in over-grilled meat.  Read more here.