5 Things You Need to Know: August 17, 2016

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How Much Rain?


The grass is a little greener after the last few rainfalls. From 46 millimetres in Barrie-area to 76 millimetres in Muskoka, it has caused power outages in some areas due to fallen trees. Read more here.


Fire Bans Being Lifted In Many Parts Of Our Region Thanks To Recent Rains


Been missing out on campfires this summer? Fire bans have been lifted in some areas, including Innisfil, Tay, Midland, Orillia and more. Get the full list here.


Ford Eyeing ‘True’ Self-Driving Cars Within Five Years


(Photo by Ford)

Ford says it will be mass producing self-driving cars within five years. But unlike the other automakers, it wants them to be ‘true’ self-driving cars with no space for drivers who would be expected to take control if problems arise.


Puppies Pooched From Barrie OSPCA


After a break-end-enter at the OSPCA, Barrie Police are looking for answers. Three dogs were taken, and one was returned by a woman in a white Honda SUV. Anyone with more information should contact Barrie Police or Crimestoppers. Read more here.


Digging For Gold In Poland: Is it the Nazi ‘Ghost Train’?


(Photo by Associated Press via National Post)

A train full of looted items went missing in a series of underground tunnels in what is now Poland, and searchers have now set out to look for it. Will the items be returned to their rightful owners if found? Read more here.



Photo by Lisa Weidmeier