5 Things You May Not Know About Pink Floyd

In honour of Roger Waters' 73rd Birthday

1. Syd Barrett named Pink Floyd by mixing together the names of two East Coast blues men: Pink Anderson and Floyd Council.


2. Pink Floyd headlined the first-ever live concert on June 29th, 1968 in Hyde Park in London


(photo via: Neptunepinkfloyd)

3. Nick Mason’s vocals only appear on one song in Pink Floyd’s entire catalog, “One of these Days” from the album, Meddle.

4. Pink Floyd was asked by Stanley Kubrick if he could use “Atom Heart Mother Suite” as the soundtrack for A Clockwork Orange. They said No.

5. Pink Floyd’s live album, Delicate Sound of Thunder, was the first rock record to be played in space.


Soviet Cosmonauts took the cassette with them on the Soyuz TM-7. David Gilmour and Nick Mason were at the launch, and recorded audio for it for potential future use on a Pink Floyd project.