5 Scary Urban Legends to Get You in the Mood for Halloween

Good luck sleeping tonight

Halloween isn’t Halloween without sharing a few scary stories. Here are a few that have been scaring people for generations. Do you have any to add?

1. The 13th Floor

13th floor

Ever wonder why there’s no 13th floor in most buildings? The urban legend comes from an old haunted house somewhere in Pennsylvania. People were invited in and asked to sign waivers to protect the owner from anything that might happen to them. People would have to make their way to the 13th floor with every floor getting more and more scary. People who chickened out before reaching the 13th floor were lucky because anyone who actually reached the 13th floor never came out of the house.

2. Bloody Mary

bloody mary

Legend has it that if you’re in a pitch black room with a sink with running water, you can do a chant to make the ghost of Bloody Mary appear. All you have to do is stand in front of a mirror and say her name three times for each time you spin around in a circle. If you turn on the lights, Mary will have appeared or left you a clue about her horrible story.

3. The Hook

the hook

Two teenagers leave a Halloween party and park on a dark street to make out. They hear a radio report about a murderer on the loose nearby with a hook for a hand. At that moment, the teens hear a scratching noise coming from the car. They start the car and drive away almost immediately. When they get home, they find a hook attached to the roof of the vehicle. Never underestimate the importance of the radio!

4. High Beams


A woman was travelling home and as she entered a particularly long, dark stretch of forest, a car that had been behind her suddenly started tailgating her and the driver flashed his lights. The car kept pace no matter how fast or slow she drove and continued flashing his lights the entire way. She finally pulls up to a gas station, jumps out of her car and runs inside the station followed by the man in the car that was following her. He tells her he was following her because he saw a man in her back seat and flashed his lights every time the man would rise to try to stab her.

5. The Haunted Doll


Did you know the movie “Child’s Play” about a doll named “Chucky” is based on a real Urban Legend? Back in the 1900’s a boy named Robert was given a doll named “Robert” by his family’s maid who was well-versed in voodoo. Rumor has it that she put a curse on the doll and it terrorized the boy until the day he died.