5 of the Best Camping Spots in Central Ontario

Escape from the city and stay close to home!

Ontario is home to some of the best camping in Canada. And, fortunately for us, Ontario Parks has an outstanding selection of well-maintained campgrounds throughout the province.
The only tricky part, is that Ontario is HUGE so a lot of the parks can take way too long to get to. Meaning parents and patrons are forced to take entire weeks off of work just to make the trip worth it.

But, if you’re looking for a quick weekend away. Here are the 5 best campgrounds in Central Ontario.
Most of which are in the Ontario Parks system with the exception of McCrae Lake (PROTIP: It’s FREE to camp at McCrae so get there early!)


Awenda Provincial Park

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Killbear Provincial Park

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McCrae Lake

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Oastler Lake Provincial Park

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