5 Netflix Canada Shows You May Have Missed

Some new addition to your backlog

You have a seemingly unlimited number of options to choose from in the Netflix Canada library, but if you’re looking for recommendations for programs that may have flown under your radar – here are five that you could potential add to your list.


If you want a tight experience, Firefly might be a good show to check out. Set in 2517, the plot centres around a group of outcasts scavenging the outskirts of space. There was only one season of the show and many have touted the quick cancellation of Firefly as one of the greatest tragedies in science-fiction. If you finish the series wanting more, there’s also a movie based on the Firefly universe: Serenity.

Video Game High School

Rocketjump turned one of our greatest fantasies into a reality with Video Game High School where video game athletes are among the biggest stars in this world. The show’s protagonist, Brian Doheny gets a full-ride into the very exclusive “Video Game High School” (VGHS) when he defeats one of the biggest stars in video games, “The Law” on live television. The show co-stars Johanna Braddy from ABC’s Quantico and features cameos from iJustine, Tony Hawk, Zachary Levi and Harley Morenstein (Epic Meal Time).

If you don’t have Netflix, the whole series is also available on YouTube for free.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror is not a traditional television show. It’s a series featuring 13 different self-contained stories about the dark future of technology. Each episode is set in a near-future world where realistic new technology shapes the events of each story. Whether it’s memory-recording implants or androids to replace your loved ones who have passed on, the show works because most of the situations portrayed are very grounded.

Warning: trailer contains strong language

Lucha Underground

Wrestling. That’s all you need to know.

But in all seriousness, Lucha Underground features a lot of former WWE talent like John Morrison and Rey Mysterio as well as some very strong new names and contains more than just wrestling; scripted vignettes fill in the story between the matches. The first two season are available on Netflix now.


24 is an iconic series starring Kiefer Sutherland that ran from 2001-2010. Did you know that the entire series is on Netflix Canada? Some of the earlier episodes may look/sound a bit dated in 2017, but the series has a unique storytelling mechanic that hasn’t been replicated.  Each season covers a 24-hour period meaning that a minute in the show represents a “real narrative” minute. The complete eight season run of 24 will keep you occupied for over 300 hours.

Note: this article was current as of August 2017.