5 Holiday Stress-Relieving Tips

They're Called 'The Holidays' For A Reason... Enjoy It!

Plan your day. Make a list, and stick to it! Organization is key during the holidays. Know exactly what jobs you want to accomplish on what day, and be realistic about it. Don’t try to overload yourself with 50+ things to do all in one day.

Exercise. So many of us skip the gym and get out of the routine of working out during the holiday rush. Exercise releases endorphins, which makes us happy. Something you definitely want to be when heading to the mall two days before Christmas for that last present you forgot about.

Budget and STICK TO IT! You don’t need to start the new year off in a lot of debt. Take a real hard look at what you can afford, make a budget for gifts, and stick to it. Even if that means cutting back on the number of people you give gifts to this year. If you have a big family, maybe suggest a Secret Santa gift exchange. Or try giving handmade gifts instead, they are usually easier on the wallet.

Learn to say “NO”. The holidays can be not only demanding on your bank account, but also your time. Christmas plays, concerts, bake sales, charity events, volunteering, work events, not to mention your own family time. Don’t spread yourself thin over the holidays, pick a few events to participate in, and don’t be afraid to say “no thank you” to others. It’s the holidays. You deserve to relax and take a break too!

Breathe. Take a moment for yourself. Whether it’s with your morning coffee, a Christmas movie with the family, or dinner out with friends. You have to have time to unwind, relax and clear your head so you’ll be refreshed, happy and thinking straight.