5 Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired by Pop Culture

A lot has happened in 2016

We all have those friends who go above and beyond when it comes to Halloween costumes. This year, you’re going to put their elaborate costume to shame by going as something everyone will identify right away. Here are five costume ideas pulled from events that happened in the past year.

1. Donald Trump/Hillary Clinton


(image via flickr: Rich Girard)

This one’s pretty obvious. All you need is a suit (or pantsuit) a wig and a lot of bronzer if you’re going as Trump.

2. Pokemon Go


Like it, or not, Pokemon Go was all we could talk about for at least a month. The costume possibilities are endless. You can go as a trainer, a Pokemon (there are over 150), or even a pokeball.

3. The Toronto Blue Jays

(Bautista bat flip, The Rougned Odor Punch, The Beer Thrower) 

Jose Bautista had one hell of a year. His bat flip after hitting the homer in the bottom of the seventh inning of game 5 of the 2015 American League Division Series was everywhere.

If you’ve got a buddy, you two can go as Bautista and Odor during that infamous punch-up.

If they ever actually figure out who threw the beer, you can go as the beer thrower from the AL wild card game. I’d get a buddy for that one too…just have someone wearing the white hat and someone else hiding behind them for the whole night. You can even lob empty beer cans (because throwing full beers is just a waste) at people randomly throughout the night.

4. Gord Downie/The Hip


What an emotional year for Gord Downie/The Hip and their fans. The final concert is going to be something we talk about for a long time. Gord’s metallic outfits and top hats really stood out, especially during the final concert when he took off his silver jacket to reveal the Jaws t-shirt.

5. Movie/TV Characters 


Suicide Squad provides a plethora of comic book characters you and your friends can go as, including: Harley Quinn (obviously), The Joker, Deadshot, Batman, Captain Boomerang, etc.

There was also the oh-so-popular Netflix show Stranger Things. You can go as Millie, or the group of boys. Or maybe even (spoiler alert) the demon.