5 Epic Sports Moments from 2010 to Now

Memorable plays from the last decade to help scratch the itch

Kawhi Lenoard’s Buzzer Beater- May 12, 2019

Kawhi put Toronto back on the map again with this play, sending the Raptors to the Eastern Conference Finals!

(Courtesy of NBA/YouTube)

Chicago Cubs Winning World Series- November 3, 2016

The Cubs broke the curse and beat the Cleveland Indians for their first MLB World Series win in 100 years! Forward in the video to 4:54:38 to see the last play and the winning reaction!

(Courtesy of MLB/YouTube)

Sydney Crosby’s Olympics Overtime Winning Goal- February 28, 2010

Canada won’t ever forget how intense those overtime minutes were, and when Crosby’s shot hit the net it truly was a victory for the whole country at the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games. Forward to 2:22 in the video for the sweet goal!

(Courtesy of CBC Sports/YouTube)

The ‘Bat Flip’- May 15, 2016

Described as possibly “the most ostentatious bat flip in MLB history”, Jose Bautista crushes a long go-ahead three-run homer in the 7th inning of ALDS Game 5 against the Texas Rangers.

(Courtesy of MLB/YouTube)

Tiger Woods Winning The Masters- April 14, 2019

It had been a long time since Tiger was last at his peak and 14 years since winning his last Masters in 2005. We all thought we’d never see him do it again, until we did.

(Courtesy The Masters/YouTube)