30th Birthday Bash

Just weeks Away

As of this week, there are now just three weeks left to go to win your way into ROCK 95’s 30th Birthday Bash celebration featuring a private party with Our Lady Peace and Colin James performing live on the Paul Sadlon stage and 100,00’s of thousands of dollars in prizes being passed out all in one night.  If you haven’t won your passes yet, now is the time to really step up your game to try to win a pair.

Be listening for multiple bonus opportunities to pick up passes in the coming days and weeks.   Take the radio along with you night and day to be listening for the many chances to call in to win your pair of passes throughout the day.  It might be an idea to enlist the help of family members now to all be calling in with each touch-tone opportunity.

It can be a lot of effort, but it can also be really worth it once you have snagged your pair of passes and get to decide you you’ll choose to bring along with you to the party.  To see ALL of the prizes click here.

Be listening in for your next chance to win.  It could happen at any time!