3 Tips for Reducing Waste

I was really good at throwing stuff out, not reusing it.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, North America in general lives a pretty wasteful lifestyle. How many time have you replaced something? How many times could you have repaired or reused that thing? That’s the question we are all missing. 

I have to admit, I was a terrible person when it came to recycling. I didn’t know what could go in which bin, how much was too full, and I was even worse at composting.

BUT I WAS REALLY GOOD AT THROWING STUFF OUT. So me and my girlfriend decided to make this little plan, and make our lives healthier for the place we ALL live.



The Plan

  1. Eliminate A LOT of Plastic – I know this sounds stupidly intimidating, and impossible but for example. Those sandwich bags? Gone. Buy reusable containers from Dollarama. Garbage bags? Nope! Bio-Degradable alternatives that exist, and are generally within 1 dollar. Go around your house, find those daily plastics that are constantly thrown out, and replace them once and for all!
  2. Buy Extra Recycling Bins – This was weird…. I didn’t realize I was not recycling because it was full? I’m an idiot… It’s fine
  3. COMPOST! – This was absolutely a commitment, because we didn’t just buy the town composter and leave it at that. We bought a real composter, and started a massive garden and have essentially composted almost everything we ever eat into the thing.


Here’s the thing. You can get all the supplies you need to begin this journey at the exact same place you already shop… It’s brainless to just grab Bio-degradable bags.. and best of all, this is rewarding. It gave me a sense of happiness, and a sense of pride. I’m doing something great for the planet, and that feels GOOD! You should give it a shot, even if it is just one thing that you choose to do. Your part is needed!