3 Rivers to Fish For the Whole Family

Out for a hike or Scouting for Steelhead? Check these out!

This weekend, Saturday April 28th is the day I’ve been waiting for, for a long time. Its Steelhead season! Which means if you live near a river, want to participate or are just driving your kid around, you can finally fish without the looming threat of a 10,000 dollar fine and having your gear and vehicle confiscated.

For those wondering what in the world a Steelhead is. It’s a Rainbow Trout that migrates to fresh or sea water after spawning.

Here’s a few places you can take yourself, your family or your friends.

3: Nottawasaga River 

This river hosts one of the largest natural runs of Steelhead and Salmon in the area, only countered by the Credit, and the Grand rivers. Another plus, it’s absolutely massive so if you are from Wasaga, Alliston, or Orangeville, you’ve all got a piece of this beautiful natural resource. The reason it’s number 3 is solely because it can be very difficult to fish, its high, fast, and murky waters make for interesting challenges.

I caught this beast of a fish this week on the open part of the Notty.

2: Pine River

 This is a tributary river to the Nottawasaga, located in the Everett area but again hosts a massive natural population of Rainbow Trout and Salmon depending on the season.  Personally I have never fished this river which is why it takes #2. However my friends and family swear that it is the best river to go too.

1: Boyne River 

This is absolutely my favorite place to fish by far, Totally accessible by pretty much anyone and nice low waters so you can spot fish and target the one you want.  Located from the Nicolston Dam in Alliston all the way past the Mono Cliffs you have tons of options to choose from and many beautiful landscapes to stare at even if it’s just for a hike, the Boyne produces .

I have landed over 40 fish here in 3 years. Here’s a little example of what you could have for dinner! This was taken in 2012.