29th Birthday Bash!

Just 3 weeks to go!

As of this weekend, there’s only three weeks left now before the Burn Your Mortgage Birthday Bash.  If you haven’t got your passes yet, it’s time to get serious about winning a pair.  There are SO many great prizes to be WON, plus a private concert to enjoy!


If you haven’t started already, it’s now time to have your radio with you night and day.  You even want to bring it into bed with you at night.  Play every opportunity that comes up.  If you get a busy signal, continue to re-dial for at least three minutes every time the chance comes up.


Get involved in the BONUS chances to win like when we’re out on location for Birthday Bash live broadcasts.  Also, there’s web site chances like our scratch and win contest at rock95.com.


This year, there are more chances than ever to win your way into the big celebration where some lucky person is going to win $200,000 in just three weeks from now!  It could be YOU!