27th Annual Toy Drive Wraps Up

Thanks to our generous community

The annual Toy Drive has come to an end as far as collections for cash and toys go.  This week the toys are being distributed to families through the various agencies the Toy Drive supports.

Our ROCK 95 Toy Drive coordinator Meagan Grant has been quarterbacking the efforts and behind the scenes it’s really amazing what transpires to make it all come together.

     The first thing that hits you when you are at the sorting centre is how sad it is that we have this much need in our local community.  Meagan says requests from the various agencies have doubled year over year from last year to this year, and without the efforts of a very large corporate donation combined with the ROCK 95 Morning Crew’s promotion Freezin’ for a Reason for the Toy Drive, we might not have been able to make the demand this year.

The other thing that you notice when you are at the sorting station, is how generous the people in our community are.  It is amazing the quality of the toys that people donate and when you see the volume of donations that have been made, you know there is a lot of heart and caring people who live here and while it’s sad to see we even need to have a toy drive, it’s amazing to know there are so many people willing to step up to ensure those kids have a special day Christmas morning, and thanks to your efforts, those kids are going to have the kind of Christmas every kid should have.

To hear Meagan describe the process of getting your toy donation to where it will be of the most help, click here.