Are Your Smoke Alarms In Place? Are They Working?

Fire officials say too many residents think they're safe, when they're not

More concern raised about non-use and improper use of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms after this week’s townhouse fire on Owen Street in Barrie. Six of nine units were damaged; some of the smoke alarms were expired and in wrong locations – one, had the batteries in backwards. Barrie Fire and Life Safety officer Samantha Hoffmann says the biggest thing they find when they speak to residents is they are unaware the alarms have a 10- year life span…

As for newer alarms, which are guaranteed to last 10 years, Hoffmann says you still have to check to make sure they’re working by ‘pushing the button’ at least once a month. And if the the alarm sounds, be it due to an actual fire or low battery-power, don’t just sit there, do something…

Hoffmann offers this checklist:IMG_20160622_095502

  • check to ensure your alarms are not outdated; newer models will have a sticker on the side that’s easily read, others you may have to open or remove from the ceiling (just remember to put it
  • change the batteries during the time change spring and fall – whether they need to be changed or not
  • push the button to test your alarms at least once a month
  • use the brush attachment of your vacuum to clean dust and other debris from your alarms at least once a year

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