2014 Tour Openers for MÖTLEY CRÜE are Suing for $30 Million

The Raskins claim they endured months of hazing while on tour

New York rockers, The Raskins claim they paid $1 million to open for MÖTLEY CRÜE on their 2014 tour and that their negotiated contract was not honoured.


(photo via TheRaskins.com)

Here are a few of the complaints they have about the tour:

  • They were forced to play short sets in mostly empty venues because managers refused to open the doors for shows
  • The public address system was off, or fiddled with during their shows
  • They weren’t allowed to sell merchandise
  • They weren’t given a dressing room
  • They were hit with heavy equipment
  • On one tour stop, they say tour crew members ran on stage in monkey masks and sprayed them “with water guns filled with urine”

The Raskins have named several production companies in the $30 million lawsuit.

(cover photo via methodshop.com flickr)