10th Annual Undie 500!

Run for Birthday Bash Passes!

The Undie 500 is back!  Just announced, the annual run in your skivvies for a chance to win Birthday Bash passes will be run for the 10th time this fall.  The date has been officially set for Thursday, October 3rd starting bright and early at 8am.  This will give you time to take part in the “run” and still be able to be at work by 9 if you live in Barrie.

For the 10th anniversary run, a new location has been selected for this year.  After 9 years of the Undie 500 being staged at Bayfield Mall along Bayfield St., the 10th Annual Undie 500 will this year be run along Mapleview in Barrie’s South End originating at Park Place.

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If you plan on coming out, one of the things you notice right away about the people who take part in the run is their passionate, fun spirit.  People dress up in all sorts of fun and bizarre attire.  There were knights in shining armor in attendance.  In past years Batman was there in his underwear, there have been all sorts of fun costumes and outfits that people throw on to come out to be entered into the draw for Birthday Bash passes.

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The course itself is just a short lap around a portion of the Park Place parking lot area. Don’t worry if you’re not in shape.  Some run, others walk.  There are dogs in underwear in attendance and of you’ll probably hear the sounds of air horns coming from the 18 wheeler trucks rolling along Mapleview that morning.  It’s really quite the atmosphere.  In the end, everyone gathers for the draw to win passes to the 31st ROCK 95 Birthday Bash.  To register to reserve your spot, click here.