$10,000 Deck Build Given Away!

Amy Bennet of Cookstown wins!

It was just announced this morning that Amy Bennet of Cookstown won the $10,000 DIY Deck Build courtesy of United Lumber Home Hardware!  Amy’s deck was one of the finalists for the new deck build, and her deck got the most votes at rock95.com 

Here was Amy’s entry to the contest.

Well, right now our BBQ is on a makeshift platform so we can BBQ (we actually cut the sides of the deck to fit this horrible DYI fix for the time being). The steps are not to code. So picture this: It’s winter, there is a lot of snow. I had my hands full with bags of stuff for work. As soon as my feet touched the steps they turned into skis, and as I recall in my slo-mo moment, I surfed down the steps and landed on my stomach. I laid on the driveway, the wind knocked out of me with my hands still holding onto the bags. I lifted my head up watching as my oblivious husband kept walking. I was hoping the neighbours didn’t see my performance, but I gave myself a 7 for form and a 10 for holding onto the bags. So yes we are in desperate need of a back deck that is safe to walk down and as well to BBQ on. My husband is handy and is, in fact, a contractor, but like a mechanic who drives the busted up car, our house projects get the same fate. Please help us build a better deck.

Thanks to everyone who entered and voted for the finalists plus a very special thanks to United Lumber Home Hardware for supplying the prizes.