10 Incredible 90’s Movies You Forgot All About

And Should Watch With Your Kids Right Now

Do you ever get stuck watching a movie with your kids and think “man, I don’t remember movies being this terrible when I was young?”. Well, that’s because they weren’t. The 90’s were a magical time, and an extraordinary amount of really great kid’s movies were released. There are a ton (pretty much any Disney movie released in the 90’s, for example) that most kids today have already seen, but here are 10 forgotten gems from the 90’s that you should definitely watch with your family ASAP.

You’re welcome.

Mrs. Doubtfire

This is Robin Williams at his finest. Hilarious and sweet, Mrs. Doubtfire tackles the topic of divorce in a very pretty relatable way. Just watch out for Williams flipping Pierce Brosnan the bird – you’ll have a bit of explaining to do on that one.

Homeward Bound

I loved this movie as a kid. Based on a true story, 3 pets (2 dogs, 1 cat) are left with friends while their people go on vacation. They decide to make their way home, and heartwarming hilarity ensues.

Free Willy

Free Willy was a movie ahead of it’s time. Centered around the unlikely friendship between a troubled young boy (Jesse) and a whale in captivity (Willy) the film touches on the importance of wildlife preservation and also the message of finding your path after making mistakes. I’m not crying, you’re crying


From start to finish, Matilda is pure magic. Who doesn’t love a movie that will teach your child to be a fiercely loyal friend, and always stand up for what they believe in? The Trunchbull and The Chokey could be a bit scary for little ones though, so you may want to skip this one for kids under 5.

The Sandlot

It’s probably most well known for the phrases “You play ball like a GIRL!” and “L-7 Weenie!” but The Sandlot is so much more. A heartwarming movie about finding enduring friendship in the most unlikely places that’s also really, really funny. Fair warning: it does contain a few unsavoury words/phrases.


What would happen if Peter Pan DID grow up? That’s what Hook explores. I watched this movie so many times as a child, I can still recite every single line. Spot-on casting (Robin Williams as a grown up Peter Pan and Dustin Hoffman as Captain Hook are absolutely perfect), stunning visuals and it reminds us all to use our imagination and have fun – this may be the most perfect children’s movie ever created.

Dennis The Menace

Every kid has Menace-y moments, and this movie is guaranteed to make them crack up. Walther Mathau is dead on with his portrayal as crotchety old Mr. Wilson, and you’ll likely relate to him in the way your kids connect with Dennis. Fun fact: this movie was directed by JohnHughes. Who knew?

The Mighty Ducks

Another movie you can probably recite every line of. As an adult, a lot of the major plot points in this movie just don’t hold up (Like how The Flying V would never work and is most likely offside, for example) but, the message of a scrappy group of underdogs learning to be a team and work hard accomplish something that seemed impossible is a good one. Also, everything Goldberg does will make your kids crack up.


Three movies starring the late Robin Williams made our list, and it’s not surprise why. The comedy legend was the king of the box office in the 90’s, and nobody could make us laugh quite like him. Jumanji was a classic that has to be considered as one of his best. There is apparently a remake or sequel or something coming out next year starring The Rock but please, for the love of god, don’t let your kids see that until they see the original first.

My Girl

This particular movie caused a lot of discussion around the office. It is SO good. It covers so many important topics that kids need to learn about – love, loss, friendship, single parenthood and accepting yourself and others for who you are. It’s also really, really, REALLY sad. In the end it made the list, but you may not actually want to watch it with your kids.