Rock, Paper, Scissors – Really?

You could win some big cash

Were you the Rock, Paper, Scissors champ around your neighbourhood?  Can a person even be good at this game?

We’ll find out as ROCK 95 Presents the first ROCK, Paper, Scissors Invitational to be held at Sticky Fingers Bar & Grill on Dunlop St. in Barrie on Saturday September 16th.

How do you enter?  Be listening to ROCK 95 weekday mornings and afternoons for your chance to win your way into the tournament.  The winners will face off in  a “bracket” form of competition.   Win your way through your bracket for a chance to advance to the playoffs.  Our The Grand Prize winner takes home $10,000 cash.

There’s lot’s of tips available on how to win.  Study up, good luck and be sure to listen to win your way in!