Rock 95’s Rock Paper Scissors Invitational!

Try Your Hand For A Chance To Win $10,000!


ROCK 95 presents: The ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS Invitational!

It’s a game that dates back to the sixteen hundreds…

Is it a game of skill? No.

A test of strength? Not even a little.

To win …you must simply stare your opponent directly in the eye…and anticipate their next move.

Only a true master will defeat all who face them…and win $10,000!

Wanna try your hand at it? Be listening to Rock 95 for your chance to qualify and win your way in to the tournament. Then be ready to throw down at Sticky Fingers on Dunlop Street West on September 16th.

You could walk away, with prizes from Landshark Lager…and fists filled with TEN. THOUSAND. DOLLARS!

Choose wisely!