Burning Questions about Pot Legalization

Government recieves special Marijuana report today

The Government of Canada will receive a special report today from a task force assigned to research and report back to the Government on how to best bring about legalization and regulation  of marijuana to this country.

It may be weeks before the Government discloses the information it receives today, but there are a number of questions hopefully the report will answer or at least help the Government to wrestle with as far as some of the issues go.

For example, where will it be sold, at Liquor and Beer stores?  Who will be able to grow it?  Who gets the profits?  What will the age limit be to possess the drug?  What about selling to minors, or stoned-driving charges?

Hopefully, many of these questions will be answered in the report findings.  The Government doesn’t have to follow the report, but it will give them a guideline to work with for bringing about legalization.